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Monthly Doom map(s) no. 6


Coming at you DED with my most belated post yet!

I put everything off until the end of the month and had two different map ideas in mind, but neither map got finished. The first one was going to be an urban deathmatch map set on top of some really high buildings that you could teleport around the tops of while shooting rockets at the other buildings. This is a cool idea, but I really only worked on the first rooftop before thinking it was too much to do in a day. I'll probably come back to it though.

screenshot taken in prboom+ because opengl makes looking up and down look normal drawmap

The second one was just another tech base map that's kind of like a better layed-out version of the map I made in February.

spawn place / the only place in this map that is sort of nice looking weird levitating box things and red keycard spot with obvious monster closets drawmap