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Monthly Doom map no. 1

2022-10-31 (published Nov 1st because my website is in shambles)

So, this isn't my first ever Doom map or anything, but it's the first of a project of mine to create one Doom map per month. I think it would be neat to make at least one megawad in my life, so I figured this would be a good way of starting, even if it's slow. I won't make the megawad as I go, as in my 30th or 32nd map will be the Icon of Sin, but I'll either make a compilation of the maps that stand out or just start a megawad project independant of this once I'm confident enough.

I'll probably end up posting everything I make to Doomshack, but I might also join Doomworld or BotB if I feel like engaging in any community projects down the line.

The filename is "oct 2022 doom map.wad", I don't have an actual name for it yet. Below are the blueprints and the finished map layout. The finished map image is actually cropped because there's a really long line that connects the main map to a monster closet and I didn't want the image to be mostly empty space by including the monster closet.

blueprints final results in drawmap

I'm happy with the results minus the fact that there's a HOM bug with the sky in vanilla. I currently don't have plans on releasing this right away, but I'll include it in a compilation when I make more stuff. Maybe not a full blown megawad, but a compilation of sorts.

Here are some screenshots:

opening front of base west interior east interior