I'm lying. This post actually has nothing to do with the high score my site has.

Stupid story short: I've been using a Raspberry Pi 400 as a daily driver PC for the past 3 years or so, and the micro SD card I was using as its hard drive decided to crap out on me today. I didn't accidentally delete everything off of it or manage to corrupt the files, it just felt the need to quit working. Fdisk won't even detect it when I put it into anything else.

Thankfully, most of the stuff on it was either already archived or easy enough to start over with, but yeah. The new site layout just got ultra delayed and I have no site generator :).

This site is probably going to be dead until I have the time to redo my setup, which isn't going to happen very soon with what I've got going on in college. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and finally add a marquee to my homepage that shows whatever my latest blip is, since my blip generator is still on my school laptop.

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