The title isn't broken I just wanted to be stupid

I'm not dead, but I'm half bored and half focused on almost everything but my own website. A huge part of why I don't post super often is purely because of how janky this current site generator is to use, but a new generator is on its way to worldwidewar HQ to fix a buttload of problems, as well as improve the overall experience of both navigating and managing it. I know (and hope) that there's nobody out there on the edge of their seat waiting for some groundbreaking shit to come out of this site, but I also feel like not doing enough with it will cause me to abandon it again. The current generator I have helped me a lot with bouncing back into this, and the one I'm cooking up now is about to help me way more.

Something else that should've been properlly announced a while ago is the blips feed, since I'm a lot more active with it than I am with this blog. As of now, nothing on this site besides this blog post and a comment I made on my Neocities page has linked to this, but I plan on featuring the latest blips from the feed on my homepage. I might take an extra step and make a dedicated blips section similar to what Razorback95 has, but it's probably better to save that for the aforementioned NEW! generator.

Heads up: when I finish the site generator, expect link rot for some pages. I'll be sure to update the very usefull advice I have on the 404 page for when that happens.

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